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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Butterfly Night 2016, Samuel E. Shull School

Join us in helping to save the monarch butterfly from extinction

Help save the Monarch butterfly 
The monarch butterfly is in danger of going extinct in our children's lifetime. How can we help?
We can plant milkweed and flowers, avoid pesticides and spread the word. Tonight you will get to paint a fabulous butterfly picture to take home and you will receive a free seed packet with directions on planting your own butterfly garden. If you don't have a big yard it's okay to plant the flowers in a pot. But remember to never use pesticides on your flowering plants. You don't want to kill the beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. One reason why Monarch butterflies are endangered is the monarch caterpillar will only eat the leaves of the milkweed plant. So your seed packets will contain milkweed seeds as well as a variety of native wildflowers.
Information and seed packets from

 Ayuda a salvar la mariposa monarca

  La mariposa monarca está en peligro de extinguirse en el curso de la vida de nuestros hijos. ¿Cómo podemos ayudar?

  Podemos plantar  algodoncillos y flores, evitar los pesticidas y difundir el mensaje. Esta noche vas a pintar una imagen fabulosa de una mariposa para llevarla a casa y recibirás un paquete de semillas con las direcciones de cómo plantarlas en su propio jardín de mariposas.

  Si usted no tiene un patio espacioso puede plantar las flores en una maceta. Pero recuerde de nunca utilizar pesticidas en sus plantas o flores. Así prevenimos matar a los insectos beneficiosos como las abejas y las mariposas.

   Una de las razones por las cuales las mariposas monarcas están en peligro de extinción es porque la oruga monarca solamente comen las hojas de la planta de algodoncillo.

Sus paquetes de semillas contienen semillas de algodoncillo,  y una variedad de flores silvestres nativas.

Translation by Leslie Velez 


The video below shows everyone's artwork. Watch carefully for your own creation. As you can see from the video, not everyone had quite enough time to finish. This was an evening event and, due to busy work schedules, our wonderful Shull school families arrived at different times. I posted  just a few of the terrific finished paintings below. 
Great job everyone!


  1. My husband & I planted a raised bed, Monarch Waystation in back of the school last fall. I am going to present this idea to my principal and if approved, totally steal this idea and have a Butterfly Paint Night during March, which is Youth Art Month.
    I would appreciate any tips ... what went well or what you would do differently. Thanks, jmain@rsu1org