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Monday, April 13, 2020

Help Me Find My Lost Dragonfly! Instagram Challenge!

Okay guys! I am really upset and I need your help! 

As many of you know, I painted a #steampunk mechanical dragonfly on the back of a cereal box yesterday and started to animate him. 

Unfortunately I left the window open and he must have smelled the pretty flowers and zoomed right out when I wasn’t looking. I searched everywhere! Finally, as it was getting dark I caught this last video footage of him😢. Now it’s raining and I am worried he will rust. What should I do? 😢😢😢 

Here is how you can help! First, watch the 30 second video below:

Next, download this PNG of my dragonfly to your phone.

This activity involves Instagram so you MUST be over 13 to play. 

Here is how to play. Family friendly photos only guys! If you post anything inappropriate it will be reported to Instagram and your account could be deleted. 

Download the PNG file of my dragonfly to your phone. Select any (appropriate) photo from your camera roll and load it into the Sketchbook mobile app. This app is free. 

Next, create a new layer and import the dragonfly photo. Since it is a PNG you won’t have to get rid of the background. Resize and rearrange the dragonfly into your photograph and save your new creation to your camera roll.

Upload your photo to Instagram, tag me on Instagram Rachel Hessing Wintemberg (@thehelpfulartteacher) and write “I found your dragonfly in____” add the country, city or state where the photo was taken. 

Let’s see how far my little dragonfly can travel!

Here is my original Steampunk dragonfly painting. Mixed media: Cereal box cardboard, instant coffee, soluble graphite powder, Dr. Ph Martin's White Watercolor Paint, tracing vellum and Sharpie Marker.

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