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Monday, September 7, 2020

Introduction to Animation: The Wick Editor, The 12 Principles of Animation and The Dot and the Line


For this project you will be using the Wick Editor on your Chromebook. You will not be needing any other materials other than your Chromebook to complete this assignment. 

First, watch this video on the first principle of animation, squash and stretch:

Now watch this 1965 Oscar winning animated short, The Dot and the Line. You will be creating a short animation, inspired by The Dot and the Line and the first principle of animation, squash and stretch.

Next, watch the video below for instructions on how you can create your own animated story about a dot and a line, using the Wick Editor. Your story is going to be much simpler and shorter than The Dot and the Line, only about 3 seconds long.

 In your animation, you must demonstrate an understanding of the principle of 'squash and stretch',how frame animation works and how to use layers.

In the bottom layer, the green background, don't forget to drag the frame out so that the background is visible underneath the entire story.

Do not export the video as a GIF. Export it as an MP4 video. Upload both your saved Wick Editor project and your MP4 into Google Classroom. If you use more than one class period to work on the assignment, you will need to save the Wick Editor project to your Chromebook, upload it to Google Classroom and then download it again the next day. 

Do NOT HIT SUBMIT until you have uploaded both your finished Wick Editor project and your MP4 to Google Classroom.

 I can see your progress for a class work grade if you do not hit submit until you are done. This project will probably take 3 class periods to complete but some of you might need to work on it on your own outside of class time in order to get it done by the due date.
Below is a playlist of Wick Editor 'How to' and 'Frequently Asked Questions'
Open the playlist in You Tube to search for the answer to your specific question.


Our "The Dot and the Line" experiments 

Animations by Perth Amboy High School students.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful lesson plan! I just did this with my 7th graders today! I can't wait to see what they make.

  2. Hi, Great info about 12 Principles of Animation and The Dot and the Line.