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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Draw a one point perspective city and a room!

Here is a printable handout of the one point perspective grid that both artists started with.

Just download it and enlarge it to letter size.
Then slip it underneath a piece of lightweight drawing paper.

Don't trace the grid. Just start drawing your city or room, using the underlying grid lines as a guide. After a few drawings you will find that you don't even need the grid any more.

Drawing on a larger paper? No problem. Use a ruler to make the 'X', starting at each corner, as in the first video. Next, put the grid handout underneath your big paper, lining the vanishing point up with the center of the 'X'.

Lightly trace and extend the grid lines onto your larger paper and then begin.

For step by step one point perspective drawing instructions, click here.

To learn how to draw furniture for your room using one point perspective, click here.
I created step by step worksheets for my students on how to draw furniture by copying and pasting the directions from this website.

The worksheet below comes from the now defunct website Dawn's Brain. It was created by a high school art teacher.


One point perspective rooms by my middle school students (6th and 7th graders)


  1. It was a bit difficult for some 6th grade students but the 7th graders got it immediately!

  2. I am a interior design student (at age 60) and I was having difficulty getting the concept of the 1 point and 2 point, but you have defiantly brought it home to me.
    Thank You
    Ellen Marshall

  3. I am a full time Interior Design student (at 60 yrs of age) and have been having difficulty grasping the concept of 1 point and 2 point perspective. These videos have been a great help. Thank You
    Ellen Marshall

  4. this was awesome, it helped so much, I used the same base structure for my class today, and it was hard for the 6th graders but once they saw where it was going they really loved it!! THANK YOU FOR POSTING!