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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rubric for face shading unit. Use this rubric to evaluate your own work

Don't worry! Every single one of these students was sent back to the drawing board multiple times to improve their drawings. Nobody ended up with a D or F unless they deliberately chose not to finish their work.

The two 7th grade girls who earned the A's, pictured below,revised their drawings multiple times.

Evaluate your own work by using the 'ten foot rule'. That is,stand ten feet away from your drawing and squint.
Are all the highlights, mid-tones and shadows in place? Is your shading neat or scribbly?


A+ to A-
Appropriate highlights, mid-tones and shadows on the entire drawing. Work is neat. Tones are blended. Darkest shadows are colored neatly with a 6B pencil. Highlights were created using an eraser and are neatly done in the appropriate places and according to directions.

B to B-
Work is somewhat scribbled and has a sloppy unfinished look. Fingers are not shaded at all. Student shows a basic understanding of the requirements of the assignment. Student demonstrates that they know how to create highlights, mid-tones and shadows.

    D to D-   

Face is barely shaded at all. Eyes and hair are dark enough but the picture is essentially a colored in line drawing. Student demonstrates very little understanding of how to shade in a face.

Student shows no understanding whatsoever of highlights and shadows

They have merely traced the picture and colored it gray. No credit

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  1. Perhaps the best tutorial I ever came across..kudos !!